Campfire Development

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What is Campfire?

Campfire is an installable, self-hosted group chat app from 37Signals (the company behind Basecamp).

It’s simple, clutter free chat and it comes with the best feature imaginable: no monthly recurring charges.

With Slack and Teams it can cost tens, hundreds or even – amazingly – thousands of dollars a month forever to chat with your coworkers or your community. That’s crazy!

With Campfire you pay once and it’s yours forever. Your app. Your data. One payment. Forever.

This makes it not only perfect for both small and large teams, but also growing online communities that can’t afford per user pricing.

Hard Work Montage will help you quickly get setup on Campfire with your own custom domain and, if necessary, paywall or other authentication.

We are the leader in Campfire customization

The best thing about Campfire is no monthly recurring charges. The second best thing? It’s fully customizable!

When you purchase a license of Campfire you also get the code. And – with the help of Hard Work Montage – you can completely customize the entire app.

Hard Work Montage will help you customize your Campfire app to match your brand and your needs, while also continuing to update your Campfire install with the latest updates from 37Signals.

Paywall. New features. Extra authentication. Admin area. You name it, we can do it.

Campfire comes with everything you need

Live chat

No recurring fees

Easy onboarding

Unlimited users

User profiles



Mobile ready

PWA support


Open source

Self hosted

Straight-forward pricing